Our Parks & Trails

Nestled within the historic streets of Hollywood/Santa Monica lies a treasure trove of Mother Nature’s natural beauty that captures the essence of our vibrant community. Our architectural wonders are framed by pockets of vibrant color, gentle rolling hills, magnificent tree canopies and the soothing green oasis that seems to be everywhere we look. Take a walk to our gems Lindsley Park, the three Pocket Parks, Santa Fe Trail or the Tenison Park Pollinator Garden which are havens for nature enthusiasts and a testament to the neighborhood’s commitment to preserving the environment. Dive in and uncover the myriad of  “green” experiences waiting for you and yours in our beloved neighborhood.

Fresh air is as good for the mind as for the body. Nature always seems trying to talk to us as if she had some great secret to tell. And so she has.

John Lubbock

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Lindsley Park

Lindsley Park, an 8-acre neighborhood park, is nestled in the North side of Hollywood / Santa Monica adjacent to the Santa Fe Hike and Bike Trail. Established in 1947, this charming park is the perfect reason to GET OUTDOORS.

Pocket Parks

Pocket Parks

Our neighborhood’s “pocket parks” are testaments to community transformation and creativity. Starting with the Mistletoe Triangle, these spaces have evolved from simple grassy areas to beautifully landscaped corners.

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Santa Fe Hike & Bike Trail

Winding through the heart of Dallas, The 4.3 mile Santa Fe Trail connects Hollywood/Santa Monica to the city’s vibrant core. It bridges the tranquil beauty of White Rock Lake with the historic charm of East Dallas, Deep Ellum, Fair Park, and Downtown Dallas.

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Tenison Park Pollinator Garden

The Tenison Park Pollinator Garden is a collaborative effort between the Dallas Park Department and the Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association.

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Local Parks & Trails

Discover the beauty of Hollywood/Santa Monica through its trails. The White Rock Lake Park Trail offers a scenic loop around the lake, while the Santa Fe Trail winds through Lindsley Park, connecting our neighborhood to nature. Perfect for walks, runs, or bike rides, these trails are local treasures waiting to be explored.