Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (E.N.P.)

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Your Partner in Neighborhood Safety

Why E.N.P. Matters

Safety is everyone’s priority, whether you’re new to Hollywood/Santa Monica or a long-time resident. Our neighborhood is a haven where you can enjoy an evening stroll or a day at the park without worry. But why take chances? Since its inception in 2005, E.N.P. has been instrumental in reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Meet the Team

Our E.N.P. is more than just a program; it’s a partnership between you and dedicated officers from the Dallas Police Department. Meet Officer Kirk Hesse and Officer Reginald Knox, who are committed to keeping our streets safe. They’re not just patrolling; they’re part of our community, attending events and quarterly meetings.

Officer Reginald Knox

Officer Reginald Knox

Dallas Police Department
Officer Kirk Hesse

Officer Kirk Hesse

Dallas Police Department

How E.N.P. Works

Our E.N.P. officers are on duty 16-20 hours per week, strategically scheduled to keep potential criminals guessing. While on patrol, they’re plugged into the 911 system, ready to respond to any emergency in our neighborhood. Your annual dues fund this vital service, including the police car, officer salaries, and yard signs that signal our collective commitment to safety.

Always on the Lookout

Even when not patrolling our streets, our E.N.P. officers are always alert to what’s happening in Hollywood/Santa Monica. Thanks to their familiarity with our community, they’ve often responded to calls while on general D.P.D. duty.

Join Us


Your support is crucial in maintaining the safety and tranquility of our neighborhood. Become an E.N.P. member and be part of the solution.

E.N.P. Crime Watch Member Sign 2024

New Pop of Color in the Neighborhood

Have you noticed the orange ENP yard signs and wondered what it is or what it means?  ENP stands for Expanded Neighborhood Patrol.

Reporting and Communication

If you witness suspicious activity or a crime, your first step should be to call 911 or file a report online at https://dallaspolice.net/. Afterward, alert our E.N.P. team at gro.anmshobfsctd@hctawemirc. This email is directly linked to their D.P.D. accounts, ensuring prompt follow-up.

Exclusive Benefits for E.N.P. Members

  • Surveillance of your home when you are out of town

  • Surveillance of the construction site when your home is being remodeled

  • E.N.P. officers are available for a security review of your property and can provide tips to make it safer

  • Your contact information (cell phone number and email) is provided to the E.N.P. officers

  • Faster response times to 911 calls when officer on duty

  • Yard sign indicating you are an E.N.P. member and support keeping our neighborhood safe!

Your E.N.P. Membership Also Benefits the Neighborhood

  • The E.N.P. officers work directly in our community and are involved in neighborhood events

  • Professional criminals and vandalism/malicious mischief will be deterred

  • Reckless/speeding drivers will be better monitored

  • Illegal door-to-door solicitation/handbills will be reduced

  • More surveillance of Lindsley Park, Santa Fe Trail and the neighborhood schools