You’ll Love Living Here

Resident Testimonials

Here, you’ll discover the heartfelt stories and experiences of those who call Hollywood / Santa Monica home. Our neighbors share their personal journeys, the unique charm they’ve found in our streets, and the warmth of our community spirit. Dive into these genuine reflections and see why Hollywood / Santa Monica isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place to belong.


Great neighborhood! Great neighbors!

Jody Lyke

I love living here in our hood. When we started looking, a neighbor of the house we were touring told us of all the activities and people here. That’s when we decided to give up the large closets, large rooms and multiple bathrooms to live here. We have never regretted it.


Adam Adams

The coolest neighborhood in Dallas. From the architecture to the amazing people who live here it is a joy! After over 20 years in the neighborhood, I would never move to another part of Dallas.

Joe Kacynski

I love our officers! They are so personable and great!

Elisabeth Mayberry

Love being here; love the community spirit and environment!

Emily McGregor Fenlaw

Did not know the area but quickly found home. Thought good place to be five years or so. Still exploring after 24 years.

Shari Marrs Felton