Happy Birthday to Hollywood / Santa Monica!

Get Ready for our Centennial Celebration in May 2024.

Our Conservation District

Our Conservation District protects the architectural integrity of our vintage homes.

Connect & Celebrate

Join us for community events that foster friendships and create unforgettable moments.

Consistent Beauty

Experience a neighborhood where architecture and landscaping come together in perfect harmony.

Community at Its Best

Embrace harmony in a neighborhood where we all pitch in to keep our surroundings beautiful and welcoming.

Lights! Camera! Action!

All the stars come out during our Home Tour Weekend.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Nothing tastes better than cold ice cream at our hot summer pop-ups.

HSMNA Social Events

HSMNA social events have something for everyone.

The Creative Spirit is Alive and Well in Hollywood / Santa Monica

It’s a hive of artists, writers, photographers, architects, designers, activists and visionaries alike.

Nature's Beauty is Everywhere You Look!

Get outside to enjoy our oasis of parks, landscaped triangles, and walking / biking trails.

Be Part of One of Dallas’ Most Vibrant & Engaged Neighborhood Associations

Welcome to the Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association

The Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association (HSMNA) brings to action the spirit of Hollywood Heights / Santa Monica. Have fun and stay in the know with your neighbors.

Latest News


Tenison Park Pollinator Garden

Tenison Park Pollination Garden Logo

The Tenison Park Pollinator Garden, a collaborative effort between the Dallas Park Department and the Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood Association, establishes a certified Monarch Butterfly Waystation and native plant garden in an under-utilized, non-irrigated park, enhancing pollinator populations in our neighborhood.

Benefits of Belonging

  • Quarterly Meetings

    Quarterly meetings with free wine and pizza provide opportunities to meet neighbors, ENP officers, local representatives, real estate specialists, and other guest speakers and subject matter experts.

  • Fantastic Parties

    Fantastic parties, from seasonal gatherings and open studios to auctions and home tours, build community spirit and fund neighborhood landscaping, welcome baskets for newcomers, and various improvement projects.

  • Give Back to the Community

    Build community and raise money for landscape islands throughout the neighborhood as well as welcome baskets for new neighbors plus other initiatives and improvement projects.

  • Get to Know Your Neighbors

    Becoming a member deepens your connections with neighbors and elevates our community. Engage in meaningful interactions, contribute to shared goals, and discover friendships beyond a simple wave across the lawn.

  • Neighborhood Cohesion

    By fostering tighter neighborhood unity, we build stronger relationships and enhance our community’s safety and security.
  • Historical Preservation

    Learn more about historical preservation and support protecting one of Dallas’ most distinctive and architecturally significant neighborhoods.
  • v

    Have a Voice

    Step up and be heard. Contribute your insights and ensure your perspective matters in the periodic surveys conducted by our neighborhood association.
  • Receive Discounts

    As a member, enjoy exclusive savings at local retailers, savor special offers at neighborhood dining spots, and raise a glass to discounted rates at nearby watering holes.


I love our officers! They are so personable and great!

Elisabeth Mayberry

The coolest neighborhood in Dallas. From the architecture to the amazing people who live here it is a joy! After over 20 years in the neighborhood, I would never move to another part of Dallas.

Joe Kacynski

Love being here; love the community spirit and environment!

Emily McGregor Fenlaw

Did not know the area but quickly found home. Thought good place to be five years or so. Still exploring after 24 years.

Shari Marrs Felton

Great neighborhood! Great neighbors!

Jody Lyke

I love living here in our hood. When we started looking, a neighbor of the house we were touring told us of all the activities and people here. That’s when we decided to give up the large closets, large rooms and multiple bathrooms to live here. We have never regretted it.


Adam Adams

Contact Us

We’re thrilled to have you here and eager to hear from you. Whether you have a question or suggestion or want to say hello, we’re all ears. Your voice matters to us, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

P.O. Box 140763
Dallas, TX 75214

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