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grEat reasons to be a member of hsmna

Be a member of one of the most vibrant, exciting and beautiful neighborhoods in Dallas! The Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood offers an oasis from the urban concrete sprawl. Rolling hills, abundant trees and one of the largest collections of stone-embellished Tudor cottages in the nation. Our streets are a path less taken while offering a convenient location to art, business and culture. A true neighborhood with family events year round. 

Benefits include retail discounts at local retailers, real estate insights, free wine at quarterly meetings and discounts to neighborhood sponsored events (When a fee to attend is charged).


HSMNA is sponsoring a Monarch Butterfly Garden, right here in our neighborhood, and we hope you will be part of it!

Click here to read more about this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you to our wonderful neighborhood partners! 


Please click here for an overview from the City of Dallas - Planning & Urban Design

ANY construction or remodeling of the outside of your home requires a Conservation District Work Review Form from the City of Dallas. This form is in addition to any other permits (such as building permits) required by the city. In a Conservation District, the guidelines are city law, and violations result in the city enforcing the Conservation District Ordinance with work stoppage or fines. The process can be completed online prior to beginning work on your home. 

Resource Links 

Conservation District Work Review Form

Project Application Process 


For questions or assistance, please contact the City Chief Planner. 

Trevor Brown

Chief Planner

320 East Jefferson Blvd

Room 105

Dallas TX 75203

Phone: 214-948-4458

Email: trevor.brown@dallas.gov


  1. Improper Porch Enclosures
  2. Painting of Exterior Brick Veneer and Paint Colors
  3. Installation of Skylights
  4. Asphalt, Gravel, or Circular Driveways
  5. Front/Side Yard Fence Height and Required Setback
  6. Carports not in Backyard
  7. Removal of Original Stained Glass
  8. Metal Roof Materials
  9. Window and Door Replacement
  10. Retaining Walls

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