New To The Neighborhood?Long-Time Resident? Either Way - You Should Join ENP 

THEN. We live in a relatively crime-free neighborhood, where it’s safe to walk around at night and spend time at the park. But HSM wasn’t always this way. Before 2005, we heard gunshots every weekend, cars were burglarized even while parked in the driveway, packages stolen off porches, and robberies at gunpoint were not unheard of. Home prices were a lot cheaper, and graffiti was abundant. The crime in nearby neighborhoods today often reminds us of the way things were.
ENP Chart

Lindsley Park Pavillion

NOW. Expanded Neighborhood Patrol was started in 2005 and changed everything. ENP funds pay for an off-duty police officer to patrol our neighborhood each week. The presence of an ENP officer makes our neighborhood a less desirable choice for criminals.

  If you subscribe to ENP, an officer will:
 1. Answer your emails personally 
 2. Check on your home while you are away
 3. Respond to police reports if you are a crime victim 

JOIN NOW!  Don’t take your safety and property value for granted: support ENP. 
It costs $200 per household annually (that’s 54ยข per day).

Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 140763 Dallas, TX 75214

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