We have many new neighbors and thought we'd share some answers to some frequently asked questions.  We understand some of these neighborhood elements are stalled due to the current unfortunate circumstances related to Covid19, but we look forward to resuming our normal activities soon. 

What is the HSMNA? 

The Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association is an optional association and a great way to support all of the various projects and events that benefit our gem of a neighborhood. We would love it if ALL neighbors would join this group! Visit hsmna.orgfor more info and to join up. 

The HSMNA Board: who are these folks?

The Neighborhood Association has a board of directors, all passionate neighbors who are really into making our hood a great place to live. For decades, the board members have been responsible for many beloved aspects of our community, including many of our current traditions as well as us becoming a Conservation District. They meet monthly and hold quarterly meetings for HSMNA members at Times Ten Cellars. Board members’ names and individual chair updates can be found in the quarterly neighborhood newsletter. Interested in joining a committee and learning more about being on the board? Let us know.    

What are the HSMNA Board sponsored events? 

The board currently organizes and sponsors the following annual events: 

  • Home Tour Weekend and its associated parties
  • Halloween Spooktacular at Lindsley Park
  • Holiday Block Party
  • ENP Meet & Greet Events 
  • Movie Night in the Park
  • Special wine tastings, happy hours, and fundraisers throughout the year

*The HSMNA is not a current sponsor of any other group or event in the neighborhood. Note: Starting in 2020, we are no longer affiliated with the Easter Parade.

*Social Media/Newsletter Promotion: Know that our goal is to share the fun and help neighbors connect to everything going on. Please keep us posted and send us information about your event if you want us to post from the HSMNA sites. 

What are your FB and Instagram handles?

THE HSMNA’s official pages: 

Facebook: Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association 

Instagram: hollywood_santamonica

Other HSM pages, not affiliated with the association:

Facebook: Hollywood/Santa Monica Connect & Hollywood Heights/ Santa Monica Mom’s Group 

Nextdoor: Hollywood Santa Monica 

ENP: What is that and how does it benefit? 

The Expanded Neighborhood Patrol funds off-duty Dallas police officers to patrol our neighborhood each week. The presence of an ENP officer makes our area a less desirable choice for criminals.  If you subscribe to ENP, you get a sign for your yard and an officer will answer your emails personally, check on your home while you are away, and respond to police reports if you are a crime victim.

Where is Hollywood Santa Monica?

Email List

HSMNA has an email list to notify neighbors of any information alerts. The emails will only be sent to notify you of neighborhood events or urgent alerts. Email addresses provided on the membership form will be added to the email list unless you request not to be added to it. If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know by emailing crimewatch@hsmna.org.

What is your email Privacy Policy?

To ensure your privacy, HSMNA does not give or sell its membership list to any person or organization.


How do I unsubscribe from the email list?

To unsubscribe from the e-mail list, contact HSMNA at info@hsmna.org.

HSMNA Bylaws and Guidlines

Download Hollywood Santa Monica Ordinance:

Download the Bylaws of HSMNA

When do watering restrictions go into place?

Time of day watering restrictions begin April 1st and continue through October 31st.

What are the watering guidelines?

  • Don’t water your yard between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from April 1st through October 31st.
  • Don’t water during any form of precipitation.
  • Don’t allow your sprinkler system to water driveways, sidewalks or streets.
  • Don’t waste water by allowing runoff onto a street or other drainage area when you’re watering.
  • Hand water or use a soaker hose. Both are permitted at any time.
  • Maintain your sprinkler system. Repair broken, missing or misdirected sprinkler heads.
  • Remember that automatic sprinkler system owners are required to have rain and freeze sensors installed.
  • Monitor your total water usage. If you use more than 15,000 gallons in a month, you must pay a surcharge on the amount exceeding 15,000.
  • Check out www.savedallaswater.com or call 214-670-3155 for water saving tips.


What if I choose to ignore these restrictions?

Violations can result in fines of $250 to $2,000 per incident. First offenders will be issued a warning.

When is our bulky trash pick-up?

Bulky trash will be picked up by the city sanitation department during the week following the third Monday of each month. Trash can be placed on your parkway near the curb as early as the Thursday before that Monday.

How can I get an additional roll cart trash can?

An additional roll cart trash can is available from the city for an additional monthly fee of around $15.00. You can contact the sanitation department at 311 from any phone in Dallas and request this service.

Where can I find a recommendation for a good contractor?

HSMNA maintains a list of contractors known to work in the area. For a recommendation, email us at info@hsmna.org and we will provide you a list.


Who do I contact in the city before remodeling or repainting my house?

Before starting any exterior remodeling on your home in the Hollywood/Santa Monica conservation district, please contact:

Margaret Fiskell, Department of Development Services,

320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Room #204 Dallas, Texas 75203

Telephone: 214-948-4692


Approval is necessary for most exterior work. The city staff is happy to work with you to accomplish your goals within the district guidelines.

What schools can my children attend?

Children in our neighborhood attend Lakewood Elementary, Long Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School. 

Where do I report crime or security concerns?

It pays for us all to be on alert for any criminal or suspicious activity in our neighborhood. If you see something, please call 911 immediately. You may also send an email to info@hsmna.org.

What can I do to volunteer or contribute to the neighborhood?

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and meet your neighbors. There are opportunities throughout the year to help with quarterly meetings, the newsletter, and other neighborhood projects. Come Home Tour, we need everyone to help! You may decide to act as a guide at one of our tour houses, serve refreshments, pitch in during our clean-up or help in some other way to make our home tour successful. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


When and where are the neighborhood meetings?

Watch for alert signs in the neighborhood announcing the exact time and place prior to each meeting. Neighborhood newsletters are usually circulated prior to the meetings (usually the third Tuesday of the month in January, April, July and October).


Planning a block party?

Some Hollywood residents have expressed interest in holding a block party to get to know their neighbors. If you want to block the street so that you can hold the event in the street, here are the city guidelines you must follow.

A petition is required and must have 100% participation:

  • State the street and block number(s) affected by the closure.
  • List the two streets at the end of the closure.
  • List the date of closure with beginning and ending times.
  • Name the contact person (Name, address and phone number).
  • List each house number affected and go door-to-door obtaining the signature of the head of household.

Send or bring the completed petition to:

Public Works and Transportation
Transportation Engineering
1500 Marilla, Room L1-B-N
Dallas, Texas 75201
Attn: Block Party Request
(or fax to 214-670-3292)

For the Barricades:
It is the citizens’ responsibility to provide barricades (three companies are listed in the yellow pages). Dallas Lite & Barricade, Inc. will rent them for $75 plus tax if you pick them up.

Barricades must meet state and federal requirements:

  • Normally need 4 saw-horse type barricades with 2 having “Road Closed” signs (one for each end of the block).
  • In the daytime, barricades should be “reflectorized”
  • During night, barricades should be lighted.
  • Cannot use home-made barricades unless they meet state and federal guidelines.
  • Cannot use cars to block roadway.

If you decide to have your block party in a neighbor’s front or back yard and don’t want to close off the streets, there are no special procedures necessary.

Neighborhood events are part of what makes Hollywood such a great place to live!

Hollywood / Santa Monica Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 140763 Dallas, TX 75214

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