Ordinance No. 21608 Adopted March 9, 1993.

ANY construction or remodeling of the outside of your home requires a Conservation District Work Review Form from the City of Dallas. This form is in addition to any other permits (such as building permits) required by the city. 

GET YOUR Conservation District Form:  CP_CD Review_Rev 10-21-2019_FINAL DRAFT (002).pdf (dallascityhall.com) BEFORE YOU BEGIN EXTERIOR REMODELING, REPAIRING, OR IMPROVEMENTS TO YOUR HOME. 

In a Conservation District, the guidelines are city law, and violations result in the city enforcing the Conservation District Ordinance with work stoppage or fines. You can download a copy of the ordinance on our website at www.hsmna.org. The process to obtain a Conservation District Work Review Form is painless and can be done by mail. Before you begin work on the outside of your house, send a detailed description of what you plan to do with photos of the existing area and sketches of your proposal to:

  Bill Hersch 

  Senior Planner 

  320 East Jefferson Boulevard, Room 105 

  Dallas, Texas 75203

  Phone: 214-948-4458 

  Email: william.hersch@dallascityhall.com 



TWO Sets of plan drawings including:

  • Elevations. (labeled north, south, east, & west as applicable) and plan drawings to scale indicating proposed alterations or additions, clearly delineating existing and proposed work. Note: until further notice, an 11” by 17” set of plans must be provided in addition to the full-sets.
  • Site plan. Provide a site plan that shows the location and dimensions of any additions and/or new construction and all setbacks.
  • Survey. Provide a copy of the survey of the lot that shows: 1) dimensions of lot, 2) location and dimensions of existing structures; and 3) all setbacks.
  • Photographs. Provide photographs of house and/or other structures on property where work is to be done. Photos should clearly show existing conditions (where work is proposed) from all relevant sides.
  • Grading plan. If the existing slope of the lot is being altered, provide a grading plan.
  • A scalable detail drawing of the proposed foundation at a min. scale of ½-inch = 1-foot. Foundation detail should indicate location of finished grade.


  • Photographs of all windows to be replaced.
  • Manufacturers’ image(s) of proposed new windows. Image should clearly show the dimensions of the windows, the number of lites/divisions, whether muntins are expressed outside of the class, window material and window types (double hung, casement, etc.)
  • Indicate on elevations if window openings will be enlarged or reduced in size

ROOFING (Work Review Form must specify):

  • Type of roofing material on the structure currently. (e.g., clay tile, comp. shingles)
  • Proposed roofing material (e.g., clay tile, comp. shingles)
  • Brand name of proposed roofing material and the color (e.g., GAF, Timberline in Weathered Wood)


  • Paint color chip required. Color chip should show brand, color number and name (e.g., Sherwin-Williams. SW 6359, Beige).


  • A section through the length and the width of the pool/spa showing the height (in inches) above grade for any element of the pool and/or spa above grade.
  • An 8.5 by 11 color image of how the finished pool/spa will look.


  • A property survey clearly showing the locations of existing/proposed fencing, existing/proposed materials and existing/proposed fence heights.

NOTE: Submittal requirements for fences may vary according to Conservation District regulations additional drawings and information may be required to complete project review.

NOTE: Minimum scale of 1/8”=1’0” on all plans and elevations, unless otherwise approved by a Conservation District Planner. Plans should not be reduced and must be to scale to verify measurements. Section and/or detail drawings if required should have a minimum scale of ½” =1’.


  1. Improper Porch Enclosures
  2. Painting of Exterior Brick Veneer and Paint Colors
  3. Installation of Skylights
  4. Asphalt, Gravel, or Circular Driveways
  5. Front/Side Yard Fence Height and Required Setback
  6. Carports not in Backyard
  7. Removal of Original Stained Glass
  8. Metal Roof Materials
  9. Window and Door Replacement
  10. Retaining Walls
Link to Ordinance:  https://hsmna.org/resources/Documents/CD/HSMNAConservationDistrict.pdf

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